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Nostalgia taking over media and contemporary art

The Digital Universe: From pop culture “listicles” on sites like Buzzfeed to commercials and even contemporary art, nostalgia is saturating college-aged students’ culture.

A search of “nostalgia” on Pinterest brings up hundreds of pins that direct pinners to sites like Buzzfeed that flush out the details of toys, multicolored pens and other popular trends from the past.

Sam Sonntag, a BYU junior in the graphic design program, has mixed feelings about the trend. He said articles about movies’ cast reunions like “The Little Rascals” can be fun to look at. “Those feel more applicable because it’s like looking back in your yearbook and seeing where your friends are now, especially if they’re doing well,” Sonntag said.

He said overdoing cast reunions can lead to what he called “the Facebook syndrome,” where people are too focused on other people and not on themselves.

Sonntag said the frequency of nostalgic trends in media can make looking back good or bad. “A lot of the times it feels like a unifying factor; it helps us all to be on the same page and feel like we’re a part of a bigger group,” Sonntag said. “But now I find myself looking for something new with more substance to it.”


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