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Guy Gilchrist

I'm sure that The First Lady & President Reagan are both smiling in heaven today reunited. #rip nancyreagan

by Guy Gilchrist

The News

Gilchrist speaks at Nossi graduation

Nossi-7278 copyThe Tennessean - July 25, 2018 - Nossi College of Art graduated 88 students in four creative degree programs in June 2018. Friends and family of Nossi students gathered at Goodpasture Christian Academy in Madison for the commencement ceremonies. Gallatin resident Guy Gilchrist was the commencement speaker this year.

Gilchrist is known around the world as the person who gives “life” to Nancy, Sluggo and Aunt Fritzi. His imagination, beliefs, concerns and talent comes through in the daily and Sunday comic strips. Readers, who enjoy newspaper “funnies,” feel they know Guy Gilchrist through Nancy. The Nancy comic strip is over 80 years old, and Gilchrist has been drawing it for over 18 years.

“We feel fortunate to have such a well-known and well-respected illustrator as Mr. Gilchrist as our graduation speaker,” said Nossi Vatandoost, president of the college. “He was able to connect with our students by telling stories of his humble beginnings and all the places his gifts have taken him – from learning his art form in a diner and taking this gift all the way to White House.”

Nossi College of Art awarded degrees to four Gallatin natives at the ceremony. Said Diaz, son of Mariam Diaz and graduate of Gallatin High School, graduated with an associate of commercial digital photography. Kaylee Jenkins, daughter of Christi Jenkins and graduate of Beech High School, and Whitney Whited, daughter of Eric Whited and Stacy Boyd and graduate of Station Camp High School, graduated with an associate of graphic art and design. Spenser Heimer, son of Wayne and Dolly Heimer and graduate of Gallatin High School, graduated with a bachelor of graphic arts in commercial illustration.

Nossi offers degrees in videography, photography, design and illustration.

— For the Gallatin News Examiner


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