October 31, 2012

A Terrific Week Of Events! Part One:Memphis



 In Memphis on November 18th, Teresa and I had such a great time.  In the photos here, you can see (from left to right), two sweet girls singing "Ring Of Fire" with me in front of a great crowd at The Memphis Fire Museum. The next is a picture of a tee shirt that used my design to raise funds for Service Dogs. Next photo is me drawing for the crowd at the event. The electric guitar is one I painted for auction with the logo for the cause/organization :Retrieving Freedom. I also did an appearance that day at Hollywood Feed, a store outside of town, and drew pictures, signed books, etc. I want to thank Charles, Jimmie and Scott for inviting me to be a guest at their fund raiser. We had a great time doing medias with radio, and CBS TV, signing books earlier in the day, and then doing a full hour program drawing, speaking and then singing. The cause, raising money to train service dogs, the organization: RETRIEVING FREEDOM ....has become one of my favorite causes. We thank you so much and look forward to seeing you again for a future event!

October 10, 2012

A Few NANCY COMICS! Enjoy!!!




October 04, 2012

Scranton PA!


October 04, 2012

Charity Partners and FUN!!

 I'm on deadline, getting ready for a week on tour! Tonight I am Master Of Ceremonies at a charity event in Nashville! If you have a cause or group that would like to have an event...and would like to partner with us....here's some information! Just click on this link!

October 02, 2012

I've been posting, and now hopefully these articles will feed! GUITARS...take 2!


Sorry about the headline...but I've been having a heck of a time figuring out how to make my blogs visible on this site. I've located the problem. As always...between my ears! OK! Here goes!

Here's a NANCY guitar I did a while back. It was a guitar that was damaged in the Nashville floods a couple years ago. It was auctioned off to raise funds for flood relief.  It really was strange to paint a guitar that had no saddle. Was never going to have strings again. But we did it! Cut a piece of wood out into a word balloon and painted it white. I even painted a cardboard fretboard on this one since the neck was destroyed. You never know from day to day what God has in store for you. I had no idea when I moved to nashville about anything. Honestly. I came to town to write songs and perform and make a name in the music business. What I wound up with was so much more.

Thanks for being part of NancyNation. If you love NANCY and classic comics..please tell someone. 

See you in the Funny papers.

September 29, 2012

Raising The WOOF In Scranton, PA on Oct 21st!


September 28, 2012

NANCY Comic Covers...plus...in English and Spanish!


Isn't this great stuff? The honor, the job, of drawing and writing NANCY everyday is one I don't take lightly. Ernie was brilliant. NANCY was one of the most popular cartoon characters in the world...and with your help...we will bring her back again!

September 27, 2012

SMILE -- Here's a couple of NANCY strips to start your day off!!



September 27, 2012

Memphis, TN - October 18th - Retrieving Freedom, Inc.


September 26, 2012

When You Shop, You HELP! Charities



 We are all about Products and Services That benefit "Make A Wish" and "Wounded Warrior", as well as other organizations : Guy Gilchrist has been drawing and writing the Nancy Comic Strip since September of 1995. We, Teresa and Guy, and our Publishers, believe in the underlying themes in NANCY, of joy and smiles,unconditional love ,compassion, faith, and freedom,  and second and even third chances at happiness.

NANCY and SLUGGO are orphans. NANCY showed up as an orphan on her Aunt's front step in 1933. SLUGGO, another orphan, appeared a few years later. All of Nancy's pets are adopted. The NANCY comic strip is a terrific way to spread fun, joy, silliness and laughter around the world....and also hopefully do some good.

We believe in helping today's disenfranchised children. All over the world and in this country, there are the children of our fallen heroes, children who have lost their parents and families to all manner of life's storms. While we pray and lift these challenged children up in faith, it is also important we do so in deed. LOVE is DOING. LOVE is an ACTION WORD.

A percentage of all products sold here and on tour go directly to orphans through Make A Wish and Wounded Warrior. Sales of our Christmas records also benefit  BoysTown. Sales of Dogg and Nancy's Pets products and appearances directly support Animal Adoption and Rescue.

We will post more in our blogs about how sales from our products are helping challenged families around the country and the world. It's a little thing. Just us...and you. But isn't that how love and change happens?