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“On behalf of Somewhere on the Lake & all employees, Tigers for Tomorrow, and myself, I would like to thank you for all that you did to make the Tigers for Tomorrow event a success. With your help, we were able to raise over $12,000 for Untamed Mountain. We truly would not have been able to make this event as successful as it was without your help. We thank you so much for your willingness to help, and your dedication, that gave us an invaluable voice to raise money for such an amazing cause. Everyone at Somewhere on the Lake, Untamed Mountain, as well as all of the event attendees, were so impressed with your incredible artwork, as well as speaking. We truly cannot express our gratitude to you, in words. Mr. Gilchrist, you are such an incredible person, and I am blessed to call you my friend. I hope that you will join us for future events, as we would love nothing more than to have you. Thank you again for all of your hard work, and dedication. I truly look forward to working with you in the future. “
--Bubba Thurman – Tigers for Tomorrow

"Guy's presentation to our "fLOOD" Youth Group at First baptist Church, Marceline, MO on Wednesday September 18th, 2018 was just awesome! Not only did he teach the kids drawing techniques, but emphasized how important it is to find the talents that God gave us and use them for His Glory. His witty show kept the entire group of seventh graders to High School Seniors spellbound for the entire time. He really knows how to get and keep both kids and adults interested! Now if only WE could keep their attention for 30-45 minutes!!
--Joann Mott - fLOOD Youth Leader

"Attendees of the Black and White Masquerade Affair for Better Health 4Kids commented that, “Guy Gilchrist was engaging, entertaining, fit the theme about children and was a true asset to our event.”
“Changing the lives of children with increasing access to preventive health care”
--Nancy Whitman-Better Health 4Kids-Executive Director

“Dear Guy:
Regarding your performance as our Commencement Speaker, it was outstanding. Your talk was interactive, interesting, inspiring and informative. It was wonderful! Covering the time since I have been at Nossi, I can certainly say it was the best commencement speech we have had. You got everyone's attention and you kept it throughout your talk. It was simply an excellent presentation… You touched the hearts of us all. You told the graduates not what they expected to hear but what they needed to hear. It was an impressive Commencement Speech and I thank you for it.”
--Byron Edwards, Ph. D., V.P. for Academic Affairs, Nossi College of Art

“Guy made a presentation to include his story of what led him into being a cartoonist, the life of Nancy and art demonstrations. He was a large hit with our group. We were so fortunate to have him leave behind a drawing and other pieces that are now framed and hanging in our center as a fond memory of his talent. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for entertainment.”
--Melissa Womack, Director, The Senior Center at Ashland City

“We were honored to have Guy Gilchrist speak at our monthly "First Tuesday" meeting in May. In addition to giving us an entertaining display of his artistic talents, Guy was personable, humorous and quite inspirational in his presentation which lasted about 45 minutes. His personal stories and testimony were warm and honest in their delivery. He allowed the audience to ask questions which he responded to honestly and candidly. We would gladly welcome him back to entertain us again.”
--Buzz Cason, G.I.F.T. (Giving in Faith Together)

“Guy Gilchrist attended Walt Disney's Hometown Toonfest Festival for the first time in 2010 as one of our artist headliners. His presentation -- detailing his earliest artistic efforts to his current endeavors -- was both entertaining and inspiring to all who heard him. Guy has since become "one of us" and has returned to Marceline many times. Every time he visits, he gives a program at Walt Disney Elementary School and is incredibly generous with his talent, offering art for Toonfest fund raisers. We are proud to have Guy as a friend of Marceline and look forward to his visits.”
--Chris Ankeney, Secretary, Toonfest Committee

“Dear Guy,
I wanted to take a minute and thank you and Teresa for being part of Retrieving Freedoms fund raising event Thursday October 18th. It was truly and amazing day from start to finish!

Your interactive presentation showcased what a talented and multifaceted artist and entertainer that you are. Most people go through life wondering what they are suppose to do, very few are able to have the wear with all to have the maturity of soul to realize the path that has been laid out for them. You recognized your gift and have been able to change lives with it. You have led a life full of adventures of the mind and have been able to help adults and children alike realize that same magic through your work and allow us to escape into the same world you see.

“You are truly a big man with a big heart that fits our organization perfectly and I am proud to call you and Teresa our friends. I very much look forward to having you and Teresa again at another event very soon!”
--Charles Dwyer, Retrieving Freedom, Inc. Founder/Vice-President

“You can count on Guy to bring joy to children of all ages.”
--Krys Midgett, Strum Magazine

“Guy was always there to support me and my soldiers. Whether it was packing boxes to send to Iraq and Afghanistan or drawing caricatures, with all proceeds going to cover postage, Guy was always there without any hesitation.”
--Marc Pucinski, U.S. Army

“On behalf of the Naramake PTO, I want to thank you for your recent visit to our school. Your enthusiasm and message were important to all, especially those that may be in danger of steering off course in their lives.

The children were enthralled with your enthusiasm and quick drawing techniques. It was so fun to watch their high energy levels as they practiced along with you! Overall, the students learned the importance of finding something they are passionate about and embracing it whole-heartedly! And even if they made a mistake (and got smarter!), they all had fun while they were learning! The book signing was also a terrific opportunity for the students to take home a precious memory of the event as well.

You know you make a difference with our children and our school..., as we keep inviting you back again and again!”
--Deb Whalen, Enrichment Coordinator, Naramake Elementary School

“Guy Gilchrist has been a part of The Charlie Daniels Celebrity Golf Classic and Angelus Country Concert for more years than I can remember. If all of our attending celebrities were just like Guy, raising money would be so easy. He not only helps us raise money by coming up with something wonderful for our auction year after year, he makes our sponsors and guests feel like they are the most important person in the room. I cannot say enough good things about this kind and generous gentleman. We will never let him stop attending our event!”
--Tammy Williams, Event Coordinator, The Angelus, Inc.

“Guy Gilchrist’s message is a strong, inspiring message of adventure, overcoming adversity and keeping your dream alive. A philosopher of life, Guy is a man of passion, resolve and a connector of people. He believes nothing promotes growth more than unexpected experience and unconventional thinking. Guy is a truth seeker fueled by an inner-calling. Guy does not do speeches, he presents a street-wise perspective that engages people in sessions that challenge assumptions and create new ways of thinking. His inspirational message is one that leaves the audience feeling….. Yea me!”

--Kay Malins, Director of Walt Disney Hometown Museum
**The Walt Disney Hometown Museum Houses an Original Guy Gilchrist Exhibit


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