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How to gain more views on YouTube for the cartoon show?

YouTube is an amazing platform for any type of content. That also includes cartoon shows. In fact, there are lots of cartoon shows that got more than 100000 views per episode. It all comes down to creating the right show and knowing how to promote it. If you do that properly, results can be very good. Here are some tips to help. Social Boss will help promote your YouTube channel and content, but these tips will help just as much!

Write the best description and title

Research what people want when it comes to cartoon shows. Some keyword research is needed if you want a good title. Use the keyword in your title and description and you will be more than ok. Don't overdo it with how you repeat keywords however.

Use tags

You will notice that tags are great for making your content more popular. A lot of people search stuff based on hashtags. So if you use the right tags for your cartoon show, you are bound to get more views.

Create a very good thumbnail image

The trick with thumbnails is that you want them to be interesting and visually appealing. They need to make people view your video. You can take a scene from the show or create a new thumbnail entirely. That's up to you.

Study viral trends

What you want to do is to see what type of stuff is viral right now and create your show around that idea, at least for an episode. Viral stuff always tends to bring in more views. Of course you can't really deliver all kinds of content that people want, but catering to viral stuff does help quite a bit. And you should do it from time to time. As it will indeed help you.

Create an end screen

You don't want the video to just stop and that's it. A good end screen will help you quite a lot, as you can encourage people to share the video, see other recommended videos and donate. The more you interact with people and the more options you share, the better it will be. Even if the cartoon show is not super long, try to make it more appealing and interesting with a good ending and other stuff like that.

Start a playlist

Playlists are something that a lot of people want. Some people just check playlists because they want something to see without stopping their experience. So yes, creating a playlist or adding your cartoon show to one will always come in handy.

It's important to get as many views as possible for your cartoon show on YouTube. And that's why using such ideas can have an amazing result. That doesn't mean it will be a great success right away. But try to optimize your content, make it more appealing and bring in more views naturally. Do that and the success will be there for you. Of course, you don't want to copy others, but getting some ideas and viral tips does help as well!


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