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How to Get More Active Followers to the Children's Account on Instagram

As compare to any other age groups teenagers or children love more to use Instagram. If you feel that your kid is such a selfie face and get a lot of followers on Instagram, then you have to take some effort to find some active followers on their profile. It is the best way to get popularity around the world. Nowadays, most of the parents love to promote the profile of their children and want to get real and active followers as well.

Now you can get all you want for your kid's profile because here we are going to tell you some interesting ways that can help you to promote the posts of your child. But here's one of the most important thing that you should need to focus; it is the security of your child. Before starting to promote their profile, you have to take some security measurements to keep them secure. These security measurements will include:

  • Enable the private mode of their account so that you can be able to see their posts
  • Off the location
  • Don't let them allow to get too much personal with anyone

Well, these are some important things to keep your kids secure. Now move towards some useful tips.

Promote Their Instagram Account

This is the first and most important step that you will take towards the active followers. An attractive Instagram account contains several aspects that you should need to focus on. Getting followers on kids accounts are bit easy as compare to any other account. So here you need to tell about the kids, post their attractive and unique photos that will create a good impression on the followers. You can also share their Instagram stories that followers will love to see.

Start Following with your Friends

After creating a unique profile of your children you can first start with your friends, ask them to follow the profile, actually, they are the first trustworthy and active followers of your kid's profile. You can also request them to ask your friends and their community to follow the kid's profile. This is the best way to get active and real Instagram followers at the beginning. Then, with help of the service like InstaGrowing you can slowly grow your following in next couple month to gain trust and memorability.

Hashtag Posts

Hashtags are the best friends of Instagram that can help the users to boost their post and get active followers significantly. You should use 3 to 7 hashtags on your children's pictures; make sure that it is related to your post.

Let the People Know What Are Coming

This is one of the most interesting things about kids profile; you can get a lot of interesting things to do with their profile. Try to plan some unique things such as children modeling, photography or some other things. Try to create suspense and tell them about new things on children Instagram stories. Promote upcoming events and photoshoot.

Wrap Up

With the help of these tips, your kids can get a lot of active followers on their profile. But make sure that don't compromise on their security or don't let them allow to handle their profile alone.


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