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About Nancy

nancysunshinecardNashville, Tennessee is proudly the current home to the world-beloved comic strip “Nancy.” Nancy, the character was introduced by Ernie Bushmiller in the “Fritzi Ritz” daily strip on January 2, 1933. Nancy was introduced as an orphan who appeared at her young aunt’s doorstep to create some comic mischief. At that time, beside the daily comic, Bushmiller also had a full Sunday page which featured Aunt Fritzi and also her boyfriend, Phil Fumble. Phil’s adventures appeared in a separate cartoon that was attached at the top of the very popular “Fritzi Ritz” Sunday page. Because of Nancy’s broad appeal and bold, clear art style, the child’s popularity grew until “Nancy” took over Phil’s Sunday comic. By 1938, Nancy was such a popular character that besides having her own Sunday feature alongside the “Fritzi Ritz” Sunday feature, Ernie Bushmiller decided to rename the daily (Mon. – Sat.) “Fritzi Ritz” comic strip “Nancy.” “Nancy” was now undoubtedly the star. “Fritzi Ritz” continued to run as a separate Sunday ONLY feature until the 70’s.

Nancy has been drawn by only a handful of artists after the passing of her original creator, Ernie Bushmiller (1933-1982): Al Plastino (1982-83), Mark Laskey (Briefly in 1983), Jerry Scott (1984-94) and currently Guy Gilchrist (1995-Present), who returned Nancy to her more traditional form. 

Despite the change of hands throughout the years, the United Feature Syndicate cartoon, “Nancy,” still has 57 million readers in 80 countries in 400 newspapers around the world. She appears as “Periquita” in several dozen Spanish-language newspapers and is especially popular in the United States, Japan and South America.

For over 80 years, Nancy and her friends (Irma, Maria, Pee Wee, Homer, Rollo the Rich Kid, and Jackie), have played out their daily lives in their little boxes, hoping only to get a smile from you. 

A tomboy, an orphan, a brat, and an angel, Nancy is optimistic, moody, loud and hysterically funny. She loves ice cream, cartoons, fairs, music, her rescued pets, Poochie the dog & Rocky the cat, Goldie the goldfish, her friends, her teddy bear, her Aunt Fritzi (who is her adopted mother), and her lazy boyfriend, Sluggo. 

Nancy and her friends live in a warm, comical, nostalgic, carefree world of love, laughter and music in the mythical town of “Three Rocks,” somewhere just down the road from here.


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