About Having Guy Gilchrist Appear At Your Next Event



"To live in the greatest country on earth.
To have the opportunity to help do things that matter.
To bring smiles to those who might need a couple.
To change lives with a little laughter and love."

Guy's personal appearances, individually crafted events that combine his many talents, have thrilled schoolchildren, college students, seniors, members of civic clubs and concertgoers alike, and have helped raise money for any number of worthwhile charities. Raising money for worthwhile causes is a passion!  Watching him draw his world famous characters, NANCY, SLUGGO, Jim Henson's MUPPETS, TOM and JERRY and Looney Tunes are just the beginning ! He teaches YOU how to draw them.....and you have never had as much fun, laughing your way through these inspirational, "anyone can do this!" lessons. After-all, Guy founded and ran his own Art School and Summer Cartoon camp for many years....and has been entertaining in person and in all media since 1977! He has entertained single classrooms, Museums and Libraries, 400 seat theaters, College Classrooms, all the way up to a 22,000 seat stadium in Tokyo, Japan!  The rates are very reasonable, and the opportunities to earn money through our partnership programs are terrific! (Below you will find a link to click on and give us your contact information to get back to you about having Guy visit you and your group.)

Guy is known by the public for the wit, charm, and broad down-to-earth appeal of his work, and by his peers for its quality—he has received the prestigious Reuben Award as Best Book Illustrator twice, and has won three Children’s Choice Best Book Awards from the National and International Reading Councils. He has also earned an esteemed spot in popular culture, with his work in The Country Music Hall Of fame, The Grand Ole Opry, museums throughout the free world,as well as having his  work enshrined  in the Smithsonian Institute in 1984, when he was Guest Of Honor  at the White House. Guy has appeared on such shows as Good Morning America and The Today Show, This Morning, various FOX News Channel shows, PM Magazine, A Current Affair and Hannity And Colmes.

Whatever the event or venue, Guy has a fun-filled and inspirational program for you.
Whether he is drawing, singing, or speaking, he is first and foremost a humanitarian, someone who believes in and seeks to nurture the strength and goodness of his fellows.

“I believe my job is to be a positive influence, if I can,” he says, “and to write and draw from the heart.” " I believe in having fun...and sharing it! I believe that we have no limits as artists and as human beings as long as we, ourselves, do not accept any! I came from humble beginnings to go beyond any dream I ever had in art and music! I want you to KNOW you can not only do the same...YOU can achieve even more! Whatever your age or station....IF YOU CAN DREAM IT...YOU CAN DO IT! " Let me share with you some ideas of HOW you can go for it!" " Let's have some fun!"

"For me, a personal appearance is the chance to share who I am with people," he says. "I do the same things—drawing, making music, telling stories—that I do ordinarily, but doing what I love and interacting with people at the same time is where I have the most fun."
He can teach drawing to grade-schoolers, bringing characters to life as he works at an easel, or talk the fine points of art and business to grad students. He can bring a fairy-tale magic to an acoustic set for toddlers or rock the house with a full-band performance of original and classic country and country/rock, telling stories that illustrate life's most important lessons and keeping audiences enthralled.
Whether the purpose is education, fund-raising, or pure and simple entertainment, whether he is at a library, a civic or book club, a museum or school, Guy can draw on a vast repertoire of his famous cartoon characters—Nancy, Sluggo, Fritzi, the Muppets, or the work he did for classic cartoons such as Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Looney Toons, and the Pink Panther, and characters from his 48 books—as well as a growing repertoire of songs and a lifetime's worth of tales about life, music, and business to make the evening a success. At the core is his belief that everyone has what it takes to enjoy a rich and fulfilled life.
"I try to entertain people and motivate them at the same time and let them know that they can do anything they want if they try hard enough," he says. "I'm interested in how we can make the world a better place and what my place is in that."
Although each appearance is tailor-made for its audience, every one reflects the creativity, the passion, and the many talents of this award-winning and internationally known creative force.
"Creativity can come out in many different ways," he says. "Sometimes you tell a story by drawing pictures, sometimes by writing music, but it's still a story. I'm fortunate enough to have touched people's lives in many ways. Some know me for Nancy or the Muppets, some may have grown up with one of my children's books or seen me perform my songs in a Nashville club or heard them on the radio. But it's all part of the same big creative pool and I love how all of it can come together in a live appearance."
A man whose charm comes through in person as well as in his drawings and music, Guy is a force of nature committed to using his gift for the betterment of all.
"I really believe, just like the Bible says, that a child's laughter is music to heaven," he says, "and that's been my job, to help that along in any way I can. And through the years I've come to realize that children come in all sizes, shapes, and ages."

 Below you will find a link to click on and give us your contact information to get back to you about having Guy visit you and your group. Just let us know what information, if any, you can tell us about your group...and we will contact you quickly. A phone number assures quick response.


A FEW KUDOS................


“Guy Gilchrist has been a part of The Charlie Daniels Celebrity Golf Classic and Angelus Country Concert for more years than I can remember. If all of our attending celebrities were just like Guy, raising money would be so easy.†He not only helps us raise money by coming up with something wonderful for our auction year after year,†he makes our sponsors and guests feel like they are the†most important person in the room. I cannot say enough good things about this kind and generous gentleman. We will never let him stop attending our event!”
--Tammy Williams, Event Coordinator, The Angelus, Inc.

"Dear Guy,
On behalf of the Naramake PTO, I want to thank you for your recent visit to our school. Your enthusiasm and message were important to all, especially those that may be in danger of steering off course in their lives.
The children were enthralled with your enthusiasm and quick drawing techniques. It was so fun to watch their high energy levels as they practiced along with you! Overall, the students learned the importance of finding something they are passionate about and embracing it whole-heartedly! And even if they made a mistake(and got smarter!), they all had fun while they were learning! The book signing was also a terrific opportunity for the students to take home a precious memory of the event as well. You know you make a difference with our children and our school..., as we keep inviting you back again and again!
Best Regards,
Deb Whalen
Enrichment Coordinator"

"This fundraiser could not happen without the help of great performers like yourself. It was great to see you again. You are truly as talented a songwriter singer as you are an artist and that is saying a truck load! The crowd loved your drawings!! You are a class act, my friend"
--Mike Rodgers "The HonkyTonk HitMan's Indy Outlaw Show and Fundraiser 2010

“Guy was always there to support me and my soldiers. Whether it was packing boxes to send to Iraq and Afghanistan or drawing caricatures, with all proceeds going to cover postage, Guy was always there without any hesitation.”
--Marc Pucinski, U.S. Army

"I had already witnessed first hand just how much of an impact Guy Gilchrist has on an event. After all, I had seen him many times at the annual Charlie Daniels Angelus Benefit down in Tampa, Florida. He brought so much to each one, as a cartoonist, personality, singer, songwriter and just as a good-hearted ol' boy. So when we were assembling a wish list for our Gritzfest II for Haitian Relief, Guy was among my first calls. He was also one of the first to accept. He provided great music, a great personality for people to meet and get an autograph--there's really nobody I know who doesn't love his Nancy comic- and a huge help with our auction. If I were asked to vote for one cat as 'the life of the party,' it would be Guy. People love him. We love him."
--Michael Buffalo Smith

“You can count on Guy to bring joy to children of all ages.”
--Krys, Strum Magazine