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Please welcome the newest Artist to the team

Please welcome the newest Artist in our creative team here at Nancy Comics and Guy Gilchrist Studios: Anna Marie Guthrie. Anna is a terrifically talented Cartoonist, and muralist, as well as being an actress and musician! She will be assisting on the daily comic strip as well as many other projects! We're thrilled that she has joined our team! Anna joins talented National Cartoonist's Society SE Chapter member John Lotshaw bringing Nancy Comics to the world!

Award Winning Cartoonist Guy Gilchrist Teams Up With Cross International Providing Mission Work To Schools and Orphanages Will Tour Haiti March 24-26

Nashville, TN/March 23, 2015 - Award winning internationally syndicated cartoonist and author of the iconic Nancy comic strip, Guy Gilchrist is teaming up with Cross International in providing mission work and charitable donations to orphanages in Haiti. Gilchrist will be touring Haiti, March 24-26 to see firsthand the schools and orphanages where the relief funds will be directed, as well as to better understand the needs and dreams of the children who will benefit. Gilchrist will also draw cartoons with the children and teachers during the visit and seek to inspire the children with his presentations and drawings. He will be will be singing and playing the guitar as well with the children at each stop and will be leaving an Epiphone with the children. Gilchrist will be accompanied by Anna Marie Guthrie, his art assistant on Nancy.

“I have been very blessed with many talents and success from God,” said Guy Gilchrist. “I believe that with the blessings that have been given me it is my duty to help those in need and teaming up with Cross International is the perfect way to do this.

World-famous cartoonist visits Frazier for anti-littering campaign

By Reed Johnson
Frazier Elementary School students were treated to an anti-littering message from world-renowned cartoonist Guy Gilchrist on Thursday.

Gilchrist currently pens the “Nancy” comic strip and has worked on other comics such as Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Fraggle Rock and The Pink Panther. He was also the co-creator of Muppet Babies.

Gilchrist also taught the students how to draw famous cartoon characters and encouraged them to continually work toward achieving their dreams.

Rhea County Executive George Thacker and litter grant administrator Karmen Sutton were able to land Gilchrist after he spoke at a state litter grant conference.

Thacker said Rhea County receives litter grant funds to finance anti-litter education campaigns as well as finance the cost of litter clean up throughout the county.

Thacker estimates that litter crews pick up trash along nearly 200 miles of county roads each month.


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