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'Nancy' Cartoonist Condemns Paris Attacks

By Eric Alvarez FOX NEWS

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Readers the world over know "Nancy" as the spiky-haired girl with a unique way of seeing the world. On Friday, cartoonist Guy Gilchrist penned an image of her shedding a sinlge tear but also holding a pen proudly: her way of condemning the Paris attack that killed a number of political cartoonists. "No matter what your age is, no matter how you speak your mind we can never be afraid," Gilchrist said about the drawing. You can see Gilchrist's full interview by clicking here. Watkins School of Art professor Steve Wilkison was nearby when terrorists opened fire at the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper in Paris. ""I was really only about a half mile away from where the shootings took place and I just saw all afternoon one after another police cars ambulances," Wilkison said. Wilkison was also there for the aftermath, when thousands of Parisians flooded the streets condemning the attack. He said he stands with the people of Paris who say the darkness of violence won't dim the city of lights. "It's very disturbing that people can literally be killed for what they write and what they draw but at the same time we have to live in a world where we're not afraid of that and we still feel that we can express ourselves as we wish." Wilkinson said he planned to travel back to Nashville Saturday


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